Stewardship 2019
“All things are possible to the one who believes in Christ.”

Invite your family and friends to become Stewards of our parish.

$50/month or $600/year
Please help us reach our average stewardship goal!

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Stewardship ($149,400) is the primary way of supporting the ministries of our church.  Our stewardship should adequately reflect our priorities and our devotion to our parish home.  We are called to work together in the various volunteer opportunities for ministries vital to our parish.  We must raise our stewardship portion of the parish income so that we are no longer relying on fundraisers.  We can work on attracting new stewards and raise our stewardship average contribution.  Please encourage your family and friends to join our parish and also consider becoming more actively involved in our parish ministries.   

Candles & Trays ($110,659) are very much dependent on church attendance.  A parish can have wonderful finances and stewardship rolls but without church attendance it will become a museum.  We need to attend church regularly, partake of communion frequently, and live our Orthodox Faith in a way that expresses our priorities and devotion to God and to our community.

Fundraisers ($105,572) include the Summer Festival and Raffle, the Craft Show, and the Community Dinner Dance. 

Donations ($21,898) include all the appeals on Christmas, Pascha, flower and memorial donations,  and other gifts that are offered by the faithful. 


Ministry Programs ($209,878) includes all that is required to support all our parish ministries.  We are blessed to have an active parish and we are always in need of volunteers in order to keep our costs low.  A variety of volunteer opportunities are outlined in the 2019 stewardship card. 

Office Expenses ($36,703) include our secretarial staff, copying, postage, paper, and equipment needed to communicate with all the faithful.   Volunteers are always needed to assist with our office work.

National Ministries ($53,900) includes our contribution to the Archdiocese as it is set by the Archdiocese Clergy Laity Congress, and other contributions that are set by the Metropolis Clergy Laity Assembly.

Building & Maintenance ($92,169) includes utilities, snow removal, and routine maintenance that is constant with an aging building.  What is not showing in the maintenance budget is the long term depreciation.  The big ticket items that come up every few years such as the roofs, heating and AC units, parking lot, and structural repairs require us to set aside about $40,000 every year in anticipation of these long term expenses.