Saint Spyridon Hellenic Orthodox Church

12307 South Ridgeland Avenue, Palos Heights, Illinois, 60463

Telephone: (708) 385-2311, Fax: (708) 385-0166


Dear Saint Spyridon Faithful,
I wish to thank you for your prayers and your patience during these difficult times in which we were not able to worship at church.  I am very grateful for your understanding and your kind words of encouragement.  We are finally able to re-introduce our faithful back to our parish building. We are still recommending that if you are not feeling well or if you are among the vulnerable or high risk population, that you remain at home. Please read the CDC guidelines on this issue:
The church doors will remain closed and only those who have reserved will be allowed to enter the building.  To make your reservation for July Liturgies please use the 'Signup Genius' App at:
or you can call the church office for available dates. Please note that every person, including infants, count as one participant when placing a reservation. Also be mindful to allow working families to sign up for the weekend services. 

We are limited to 25% capacity while maintaining social distancing. Everyone will still need to reserve on-line or by phone in order to attend. We are required to keep attendance records which will remain private, in the case of an attendee testing positive.
¨ If you are feeling ill, or if you are within a high-risk group, we recommend that you shelter at home.
¨ The church doors will be closed and only those who have reserved for the day will be allowed in.
¨ Please come promptly at the beginning of the service. For days with Orthros, please be present by 9:30 a.m.
¨ Every attendee must wear a face mask. In case you forget yours, masks are available at the church.
¨ Hand-sanitizer is available at multiple locations throughout the church. You are encouraged to wash hands often.
¨ Candles will be lit for you by the ushers who will then guide you to your assigned seating area.
¨ While the method of receiving Holy Communion has not changed, the priest and the altar server will be wearing masks while administering the sacrament.
¨ Only those designated by the parish will bring koliva or artoklasia. Please call the church office if you wish to place an order.
¨ Until there is a safe method of distributing antidoron, koliva, or artoklasia, these items may not be distributed to the faithful.
¨ There will be no fellowship hour following the Divine Services.
¨ Holy Confession is available by appointment.
¨ Instructions and protocols on other sacraments are forthcoming.

Looking forward to seeing you all at church, Fr. Tilemahos