Saint Spyridon Hellenic Orthodox Church

12307 South Ridgeland Avenue, Palos Heights, Illinois, 60463

Telephone: (708) 385-2311, Fax: (708) 385-0166


Dear friends and faithful of Saint Spyridon,
We hope and pray that this letter finds you well and in good health during these most challenging times.  During the pandemic, we have witnessed unprecedented hardship as well as amazing kindness and prayerful compassion. Thanks to your generous support throughout the years, our beloved Saint Spyridon parish has been able to continue ministering to the faithful and tending to every need.
During this time of reduced foot traffic, we had the opportunity to address the various needs of our church edifice. Thanks to your continued support of the Building Fund and the help of many donors and volunteers, we were able to do the following building improvements:
¨ Changed 120 light fixtures to LED in all classrooms and hallways.
¨ Painted the ceiling grid and changed the ceiling tiles throughout the building.
¨ Performed deep cleaning of the kitchen and equipment, new gas-lines, new shelving in cooler.
¨ Painted several rooms including the Archangels classroom which was also re-carpeted.
¨ Strip and wax all the floors in classroom, hallways, gym, stage, and church.
¨ Electrical and roof repairs. (more roof maintenance is needed over community center)
¨ Iconography repairs and restoration of icons from the old church in Roseland.
- Fixed retaining wall and landscaping and moved the original cornerstone from Roseland.
All the proceeds from our Saint Spyridon Golf Outing benefit the Building Fund. This year’s Golf Outing will take place at the Odyssey Country Club in Tinley Park on August 18th, 2020.  All measures will be taken to provide a safe and comfortable experience for all our golfers. Thanks to your support over the years and the work of our dedicated volunteers and generous donors, this annual event is becoming increasingly successful as a fellowship and fundraising opportunity for our parish family. We hope and pray that through your support of our 23rd Annual Golf Outing, we will continue to beautify our parish home and make it safe and welcoming for generations to come.
In His Service,  Fr. Tilemahos Alikakos     

Mr. Frank Kopanis, Golf Outing Chairman