Saint Spyridon's Bilingual Orthodox Preschool 

At St. Spyridon's Archangels Academy we provide the opportunity to embrace our littlest ones in a bilingual and Orthodox environment and to help young parents establish a Christian foundation in their home.

Each child is unique and a gift from God. 
At the Archangels Academy our classroom provides a Bi-lingual Orthodox environment designed to stimulate learning.  With the overriding philosophy that every child has an innate desire to learn, each child’s    individual success will be achieved through a rich and varied educational experience which will bring together the preschooler, the parents, and the teacher in creating a nurturing environment of the highest   standards.  The focus of the program is on the process of learning as well as on the results.  The children will learn to be a part of a group, respect others, as well as to work independently, and respect themselves.  Children will be encouraged to be self-directed and to learn at their own pace while at the same time challenge themselves.  Our children will fully embrace our Greek Orthodox faith by being active participants in the liturgical life of our Church.  Our   bi-lingual environment will offer the traditional preschool academics with a firm foundation in both the English and Greek language.


The institution of the family lies at the   center of the success of every Orthodox community because it is in the family      setting that dedicated Christians grow and thrive.  It is in the family context where Christian values and the Orthodox way of life are instilled and adopted by tomorrow’s generation.  Archangels Academy, a bi-lingual Orthodox Preschool, provides the opportunity to embrace our littlest ones in a Bi-lingual and Orthodox environment and to help young parents establish a Christian foundation in their home.  With the creation of the first south-side bi-lingual  Orthodox Preschool, the community of St. Spyridon has sought excellence in its ministry for young families and offers a wonderful and beneficial option for your child’s preschool education.

The Archangel Academy staff is made up of dedicated, experienced, professional Greek Orthodox adults who wish to share the love of Christ with our children.  

A child’s most vital influence comes from the home.  Cooperation among parents is crucial to a successful program.  We are all here to work together for the benefit of our preschool children.  We encourage open communication between school and home.  If you or someone in your family has an interest or talent, please share it with us.

9:00 AM— 12 NOON
Monday through Friday
3, 4 & 5 years old

(Children must be toilet trained)
School  begins the day after  Labor  Day and ends the   Thursday before Memorial Day.